Home care organizations engage several home care providers, defi

Home care organizations engage several home care providers, defined according to their educational level as registered (home care) nurses, certified nurse assistants and home helps. To facilitate the readability of this paper, we will use the term “nurses” for all these home care providers. Some home care organizations have teams of district selleckchem nurses specialized in palliative care and/or home care technology but in the Netherlands palliative care is part of regular health care, so most clients will be cared for by educated nurses with at least Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical three or four years of general professional education. Often these nurses

cooperate with the family GP, because he is responsible for the medical care of his patients living at home. The general practitioner often refers patients to home care, although in the Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical Netherlands a formal needs assessment by an independent assessment agency first has to

be conducted before home care financed via the national insurance can be delivered. In other countries terminally ill patients might be referred to specialist palliative care, but the approach of Dutch government is that palliative care should be part of regular health care, in most cases provided by generalists (GPs and nurses) [17]. In order to guarantee the provision of good palliative Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical care, GPs and nurses can consult multidisciplinary specialist consulting teams of the Comprehensive Cancer Centres in the Netherlands. Moreover Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical palliative care has become an important subject in the primary curriculum of GPs and at post-curricular courses for doctors and nurses organized for instance by the Comprehensive Cancer Centres. The definition of Turkish or Moroccan migrants is not dependent on their formal nationality; they might have adopted the Dutch nationality. In this paper we define Turkish or Moroccan migrants as persons who live in the Netherlands but who were born in Turkey or Morocco respectively, or whose parents (or one of their parents) were born in Turkey or Morocco. We defined a ‘terminally ill client’ as a client suffering from an incurable illness and having a probable life

expectancy of not more than six months. Fossariinae The Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical central terms ‘home care’, ‘terminally ill clients’ and ‘Turkish and Moroccan clients’ were clearly defined in our questionnaires. Participants In order to recruit nurses and general practitioners who have experience of home care for terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan patients we first established where these migrants are mainly living. Using data from Statistics Netherlands we identified the 30 areas with the largest number of Turkish and Moroccan inhabitants. In order to find general practitioners with experience with these migrant groups, we looked for the addresses of all GP practices located in the 30 relevant areas. As their number was far too large, we searched for addresses of practices within the urban areas with indications of social and economic deprivation in the 30 relevant areas.

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