The change in electrical resistance values with increase in the l

The change in electrical resistance values with increase in the length of coated fibers was also reported. The resistance-measuring setup employed could also be used for continuous measurement of resistance in the production of conductive fibers, as well as for four-point resistance measurement. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2012″
“Purpose: We present a concept that uses the multipurpose navigation equipment of a university hospital for computed

tomography (CT)-guided surgical template production, to improve the preclinical accuracy of the templates.

Materials and Methods: Oral implants are planned on CT images with respect to the prosthodontic AP24534 in vitro goal and anatomical considerations. Registration is performed via a modified Vogele-Bale-Hohner (VBH) mouthpiece (Medical Intelligence GmbH, Schwabmuenchen, Germany) and an external registration frame. In the laboratory, an optical navigation system is used to transfer the plan to the patient’s registered dental stone cast for Surgical template production. During preclinical

evaluation, duplicated stone casts were drilled via the obtained surgical templates. Accuracy was evaluated by matching the preoperative CT to the CT of the drilled stone casts.

Results: Compared with present registration mouthpieces, the VBH mouthpiece requires only the dental impression of the patient’s stone cast. In contrast to surgical navigation,

an aiming device is used for navigated trajectory-alignment at the best technical level. There is no need for a positioning device, check details and the template can be immediately fabricated in a standard laboratory. The accuracy of 5 surgical templates showed a maximum normal deviation of 1.4 mm, and maximum angular deviations of 2.8 degrees.

Conclusion: The presented concept allows for successful production of CT-guided surgical templates, and may show sufficient accuracy for clinical use. (C) 2009 selleck chemicals American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons J Oral Maxillofac Surg 67:1113-1120, 2009″
“Hybrid metallic photonic crystals (MPCs) combine the orderly arranged grating structures and the disordered gold nanostructures, where the gratings are fabricated by interference lithography on a layer of waveguide and the isolated gold nanoislands arranged randomly in the grating grooves are produced using solution-processible gold nanoparticles. Strong coupling between multiple higher-order resonance modes of the waveguide grating structures and particle plasmon resonance of the isolated gold nanoislands has been observed in the visible spectral range. This technique actually realizes fabrication of the waveguide grating structures and the plasmonic gold nanostructures separately. In this way, the plasmonic resonance of the gold nanostructures is not determined by the dimensions of the grating lines anymore.

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